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Francisca Tornero`s is an author design firm for wedding dresses and haute couture that has been working in the field for more than 10 years. During this period they have exhibited their collections in various national catwalks, presented their work in red carpets, both national and international and also in art galleries and cultural centers.


The goal of the firm, which is composed by Francisca as the creative director and founder and her sister Raquel assistant partner, is to create real works of art that surprise their clients, with the idea of going a step further, marking in this way a trend with their creations. At the same time, their designs are framed in a philosophy of respect for the environment where they look for sustainable creations that have the least environmental impact.


The concept and personal stamp that differentiates them in their field is that they seek to capture their roots and cultural identity in each of their designs, which is reflected in the raw materials and the different techniques used in both textiles and in the intervention of these through dyeing, embroidery, painting, printing, etc.


Finally, it is very important to note the special and personalized treatment given to each client, who is given a full assessment, seeking to highlight their physical qualities and also their personality, with the aim that she feels represented in her dress.

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